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Due to the impact of innovative technology in China, the amount of people active on the internet is 680 million people and the amount of people active on WeChat is 653 million. The stats now have rapidly increased as WeChat spreads as a main source of connection and engagement with others as well with customers. We specialize in Baidu Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Management/Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/Search Engine Optimization(SEO)/advertisements service. We specialize in Search Engine Marketing(SEM)/Search Engine Optimization(SEO)/advertisements service.

Getting onto China's Social Media Marketing 

Social media is an integral part of Chinese culture in the digital age. With more than 1 billion active users on the platform like WeChat, Chinese social media provides brands unparalleled channel resource to connect and engage with customers. So thinking about marketing in China? Consider using social media channels!

adSage is the official partner of Tencent(WeChat), Weibo, Toutiao, & etc,. With over 10 years of social media experience, we have helped hundreds of global brands enter & expand in China's market, build a strong brand reputation and adapt to the ecosystem of the Chinese social network. 

As a China marketing agency, we help clients manage campaigns, optimize brand exposure and ROI using many platforms, one bein WeChat.

Our Services

We help our customers to connect the brand with audiences and customers on Chinese social media platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, Toutiao, & etc.

WeChat marketing service, Chinese social media marketing platform. WeChat is the most popular and mainstream social media platfom in China. adSage helps clients to advertie on WeChat and optimize the social media marketing performnce. adSage is the official partner of Tencent, which is the creator of WeChat. WeChat provides advertising features that allow business or organzations to deliver the message, build brand image and cultivate the relationship between company and customers. Through using WeChat as the advertising channel, business will signficantly enhance brand reputation
Weibo is Chinese mainstream social media platfom devloped by Sina
Toutiao is the newsfeed orientated Chinese social media platform

And more...


Services Provided

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Marketing Strategy Consultation 

We do the research for you and help you decide the right channel with your budget

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WeChat Official Account Application & Setup

We walk you from the application to account setup and get your account ready 

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WeChat Targeted Ads (Moment & Banner Ads)

As a WeChat certified ad agency, our team will help you with advertising on WeChat. Our precision ads service provides you guaranteed conversion performance and maximizes your campaign ROI

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Newsfeed Social Ads 

Adsage has broad networks and longstanding partnerships with Chinese media giants. We will help you navigate the social channel and advertise on mainstream platforms like Weibo, Toutiao, Dianping, & etc. 

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Multilingual Account Support 

Our social media experts will manage accounts for you. We will help you engage with audiences to build brand loyalty and awareness

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Customized Strategy & Guaranteed Result 

Our Chinese social media services can be tailored based on your specific budget and goals. The service result is guaranteed 

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