By the end of 2018, 84% of China's 800 million internet users prefer search engines as their preferred method to acquire information. Thus, serving ads to these search platforms is a promising way to engage the most relevant audiences and drive business results. But there's a catch - these platforms are conducted entirely in Chinese and given the size of the market competition is fierce. That's why it's important to partner with an expert navigator. 

Chinese Search Engine Marketing Services

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Website Traffic Analysis


Competitor & Industry Analysis


Tailored Search Engine Marketing Strategy


Keywords Research, Localisation & Copywriting


Campaign Optimization & Assessment 

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Baidu Advertising & Pay-Per-Click(PPC) 


Why Choose Baidu?



Baidu is the dominant search engine in China and more than 87% of Chinese online users are using Baidu as the preferred search tool, followed by 360 and Sogou which are the most popular Chinese search engines. Since Google is banned and a portion of western websites are under authority's censorships, Baidu offers different search and advertising services as compared with Google. This reflects in different search algorithm developed by Chinese media company along with the unique search habit of Chinese internet users. However, the majority of Baidu service is very similar to Google, which in a way people often interpret Baidu as "Google in China". 



Baidu Brand Zone Ad

But... There are some differences! (Baidu V.S. Google)



Baidu offers a variety of ad formats, many of which are very different from what Google or Bing currently offers. For example, Baidu's Brand Zone is a media-rich, customizable space located at the top of the search results page that is triggered and can be purchased according to the keywords you choose. Unlike ads on Google, Baidu Brand zone allows advertisers to use diverse methods of brand expres­sion in a traditionally simple search setting.


Beside of brand zone, Baidu search also has formats of picture ads, information and business ads, product promotion ads, APP display ads and etc. Such advertising features correspond to various business type and advertising needs. To maximize the campaign ROI, we provide strategic SEM service that tailors to your brand and business goal in China. We walk you from Baidu account registration, China market research, help you strategize customized advertising plan and execute and optimize campaign account for you. Wanna know which ad format fits best for you business goal? Contact us and learn more about Baidu advertising!

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