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The Ultimate Guide to Weibo Marketing: The Chinese Twitter+Facebook

Marketing Your Brand on Chinese Twitter

Step-by-step Guide for Business in 2019Launched in 2009, “Weibo”, a microblogging social networking site is a powerful China marketing channel. Weibo is commonly known as Twitter in China, but in 2019, Weibo is perceived as the combination of Twitter and Facebook because of the diverse features such as display newsfeed, weibo search, fan headline, and fan tunnel. The features attract millions of users, creating an unparalleled marketing opportunity for business.

Weibo Statistics

90% Mobile Traffic

465 Million Monthly Active User

203 Million Daily Active User

Weibo Works Best for...

  • Gain high volumes of quality exposure for your brand

  • Reach and acquire more targeted audiences and Chinese customers

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Advertising for product and new launches

  • Monetize traffic by getting more traffic to your website

  • Boost E-commerce purchase

4 Steps to Create Weibo Marketing Strategy

#1 Account Registration, Verification & Customization

Weibo has various account types, ranging from “personal”, “business” to “public figure”. Each account type serves for different purposes and it affects the marketing performance. Therefore, the account should be established with a clear marketing goal.

Followed by the account registration, the verification process is strongly recommended for business as it shows audiences the brand image and the account will have privileges to perform a customization for pages and settings such as the follower management services. As the exclusive partner of Weibo, adSage’s Weibo team will guide you through the entire setup process: account registration & verification service, customize page and activate all suitable features to significantly boost your brand.

#2 Content Matters

Content is the fundamental funnel of social media marketing, it is an essential way to build a brand, keep users engaged, gain more audiences and attention on the platform. Weibo offers a variety of content forms, which includes: text, image, video, live streaming and so forth. Accordingly, content strategy on Weibo should be built out of the brand culture and specifically tailored to the targeted audiences. The effective marketing content conveys the message with appealing campaigns and with the use of different campaigns formats, making it more attractive to the targeted group.

We understand the pain point when building content strategy for audiences that speaks a different language, that’s why adSage offers content service which our in-house Weibo writers will assist you to develop a solid content strategy that guides you to grow followers and monetize from the various forms of content. So don’t panic if you are unsure of what you are going to post, we are always here to help.

#3 Follower Acquisition

The beginning of the follower acquisition journey is always the hardest. We recommend to strategically grow followers with a growth plan. There is a number of things that you can play around: launching event-based campaigns, collaborating with KOLs, build backlinks for your Weibo page, link Weibo to your main communication channel, etc,.These tactics are very practical and will increase audiences. To maximize Weibo functions and grow more followers, adSage strategizes follower growth plan for client upon request. adSage will systematically formulate the plan based on the client’s background, business, culture, and marketing goals in order to achieve the greatest result.

#4 Weibo Advertising

Weibo offers paid advertising campaigns that help the business grow followers at full speed. The paid campaigns come with various formats such as Newsfeed, Search Engine Promotion, Fans Headline, landing page ads and Etc,. Every format carries a distinct marketing purpose, so the result and the choice of ad format as well as the budget planning largely depending on the marketing goal and types of business. Therefore, finding the advertising product that fits best for your business is the key to success.

Great news is, adSage offers tailored service to each client and we handpick ad product that suits the business interest and needs. Before we launch the campaign, we run data with Weibo to forecast the marketing effectiveness and to ensure the ad product is the best fit.

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