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China Marketing Must Knows: Sina Weibo Introduction

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

What is Weibo

Weibo is one of the biggest social media platforms of China. Weibo is often explained as the Chinese equivalent of Twitter or Facebook, two services that are blocked in mainland China. 

Which Weibo Advertising Option is Best for You?

1. Display Advertisements

•  Display ads are banners of various dimensions on different pages of the mobile and webpage versions of Weibo. When users click on the ads, they’re directed to the advertiser’s homepage. •  If you want to share a link to the users, this option may be the right one.

2. Weibo Search Engine Promotion

•  The search bar on Weibo is always pre-loaded with search terms based on hot topics or advertising. Search engine promotion pre-loads the search bar and puts an account at or near the top of the results list when the suggested keywords are searched. •  If you want to recommend a new product this will be the best choice!

3. Fan Headline (粉丝头条)

Fan Headline (also known as “Fanstop”) is an alternative option for those looking to advertise on Weibo. It offers quick and efficient promotion of Weibo posts and accounts based on the daily updates and social networks of the target audience. There are three types of Fan Headline on Weibo: ● Fan Headline for Posts (博文头条) ● Fan Headline for Others’ Posts (帮上头条)

● Fan Headline for Accounts (账号头条)

4. Fan Tunnel (粉丝通)

Fan Tunnel is another popular way of advertising on Weibo. Fan Tunnel is similar to Fan Headline as it promotes a Weibo post or account. Apps can also be promoted by Fan Tunnel.

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