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Toutiao - Douyin

Updated: Sep 3, 2019


In Chinese, ‘Toutiao’ means headline. Toutiao is more like a distributor. This channel does not have any original writers. It uses AI technology to organize daily news from partners and give recommendations on their homepage. All the featured articles and videos are selected for each user according to their locations, click and browser history, and even phone models.

Why Should You Stick to the Trend of Toutiao?

1.Magnificent Marketing & Advertising Power

Unlike WeChat and Weibo users, content consumption is the principal focus of Toutiao users. There are no additional functions like chatting to pull users away from the new content. It is undeniable that the hottest trend in Chinese advertising is Toutiao. If your company wants to enter the China market, Toutiao is an excellent choice to go with.

2.Short-Videos-Focused Business

Short videos have arisen as a new popular form of content. The sector is growing fast. DouYin is a platform beloved by Chinese youngsters. It allows users to watch and produce funny music videos. These 15-seconds clips make it easy to catch users attention. Toutiao acquired and later decided to combine with Douyin to expand their user base.

3. Sticky & Young User Base

Chinese users stay on Toutiao for an average of about 76 minutes a day. The data is impressive as the average time people spend on WeChat is only 66 minutes. Most Toutiao users are male, with a gender ratio of 3:2. Over 85% of them are young people ranging from ages 18 to 30 years old and are mostly concentrated in first or second-tier cities.

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