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Stop Searching! SEO Is The Solution For You!

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

What is SEO?

-SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization -SEO helps increase website’s ranking through website’s on-page & off-page optimization based on the understanding of search engine’s ranking algorithm -SEO brings in organic traffic and target customers, which ultimately leads to increase in online sales and presence -SEO has a high ROI, stable results, and high traffic potential 

What SEO services does adSage provide?

-On-page SEO: Enhance ranking for all pages and increase conversion rate of organic traffic by optimizing the entire website -Off-page SEO: Taking all the measures outside of the actual website to improve the website’s position on top Chinese search engines -Negative Info Suppression: Building up positive content in order to bump down negative content off of first page search results  -ASO: Improve app ranking on the search result page in various app stores -Video Optimization: Increase brand related videos on IQY and Youku through keyword management and by unfolding brand information in all dimensions to enhance brand image online  -Others: Press Release, External Blogs, On Page Blogs, Q&A Feeds, SEO External Supervisor, SEO Editor, SEO Data Analyst, SEO Engineer, SEO Service Manager

How adSage’s SEO team can help your company

-Traffic improvement: Drive Baidu traffic to site, increase impression share -Branding on search: Build brand coverage, increase brand awareness -Search result monitoring: Monitor the first-hand SEO data including keyword ranking and brand sentiment  -Full coverage with customized services: Cover all the major Chinese search engines, improve authentication of brand -Long-term impact: Conduct constant SEO practice to ensure official site traffic and positive brand image -Positive brand exposure: Ensure a high organic ranking, deliver brand value to target audience

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