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Native Advertising, is a form of display ads where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed in various mobile apps. It can be pushed towards the target audience based on their social profiles, preferences on news content and reading behaviors. Native Ads format can be a text link, display ads or video ads. Native Ads can win higher CTR and longer duration time with much better conversion rates.



Chinese Native Ads Platforms


Why Use Our Service?

We have brought proven results with various successful Native Ads campaigns for thousands of clients

adSage optimization tools affiliate with the API of various Native Ads platforms in China, enabling the most precise optimization in the industry. Your ads gain much higher visibility and CTRs and yield much longer user attention time through adSage’s system. The system tells best what are your audience’s interests and behaviors based on advanced algorithm and professional data analytics.


adSage’s premier channel resources cover the best quality audience in huge volume in China. It provides opportunities to show your ads on the first pages on Baidu, Toutiao, Tencent and other hottest platforms.
The eye-catching creative design service makes your “in-feed” ads well match the visual experience they live within. Meanwhile, you can achieve the best balance between branding vs. performance with adSage experts’ professional campaign strategy and planning consultancy.


adSage builds better engagement with prospective customers who interact with your ads content
with functions like comments, share and votes which significantly increase your ads’ engagement
rate. adSage keeps high client satisfaction index with its performance in excellence.

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