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Keyword Ranking Optimization



Client Case Study

adSage's company logo. adSage is a leading china digital markting agency. adSage specilizes in china digital marketing, china sem, baidu advertising, baidu ads, chinese digital adertizing, WeChat advertising. We help woldwide clients to build and expand brand in China through Chinese digital network


Microsoft reached out to adSage, seeking to improve website structure and lack of content. The preexisting official site had limited support on technical changes and had an insufficient amount of keywords.

The ultimate goal is to drive website SEO performance and optimize keyword ranking.


Our Solution

To improve Microsoft's SEO performance in the Chinese market, our professional SEO experts and marketing technician team tailored the website strategy with Chinese internet ecosystem.

Accordingly, we helped Microsoft building the website foundations, including website structure, webpage URL, content translation rule and etc.


We provided CRM, ERP site revision's SEO technical changes instruction, expanded industry keywords and added high weight links greater than PR4.


Website Keyword Ranking

The service infograpic of one of our featured China SEO client - Microsoft. The graphic shows the pattern and trends of the SEO keyword growth on the Chinese landing page website. Our service operation team has helped client growing the numbers of quality keyword on their website and has improved the SEO performance on Chinese search engine such as Baidu. Specifically, the graphic shows the Top 5 keywords had increased by 1925%, the op 10 keywords had increased by 2725%. The SEO result has significantly drove the organic search traffic.

Top 5s increased by 1925%


Top 10s increased by 2725%


Daily organic search traffic increased by 2627% 

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